A Glimpse on ICICI Car insurances Policies

Cars a convenient mean of transport and for a country with second largest population in the world there are a lots of cars roaming on the road. India is a developing country and many people here belong to middle class family. Insuring one’s car is considered to be a very prudent idea here. Car insurance companies are generally offering attractive plans to costumers here. One of the biggest insurance companies in India is icici car insurance and is choice of most of the car owners here.

One must go for reviews of various policy holders from many companies. Different companies provide flexibility in plans according to the variation in time period and price of policy. In India people generally go for the most reliable company having strong market status. In insurance sector there are some of the leading companies in India. ICICI car insurance policy is getting quite popular nowadays for its great customer service and client satisfaction.

Key benefits of ICICI car insurance policy:
You can avail Cashless servicing facilities for your insured car, at about 3000 network garages across India.
One can buy ICICI car insurance policy online which is digitally signed and fully functional. Online process saves a lot of time and efforts.
icici car insurance policy provides you with Coverage having benefit of no cost deduction due to depreciation.
You can apply for bonus if you have not claimed a single time during the time period your car got insured.
ICICI car insurance covers:
Any natural calamity causing damage or loss to insured vehicle: Hailstorm, rockslide, fire, inundation, self-ignition, typhoon, earthquake, landslide, storm, lightning, flood, cyclone, hurricane, tempest, explosion, frost.
Any natural calamity causing damage or loss to insured vehicle: lift, riot, air strike, terrorist activity, Burglary, malicious act, theft, damage during transit by rail or water or road.

Formalities of any legal activity by Third Party: it covers any legal formalities against third party where insured car is involved.
ICICI car insurance do not covers:
Any cover for a vehicle getting degraded with age.
Insurance cannot be claimed for any uninsured part of vehicle, be it electronic or mechanical.
If driver is not having a valid license and driving the insured car.
If driver is under any kind of influence of drugs or liquor.
Car insurance must be chosen upon careful observation of plans and going for the best that suits you. One must go through various company brochures before going for a specific plan. icici offers you one of the most flexible plans available at the moment.

In India one of the most preferred companies for car insurance is ICICI Lombard, people reviews about this company are very good. It provides flexible plans and great services. Customer satisfaction ratio is quite high here. It’s easy to buy policy online and upon claiming they reply to you within 24 hours. ICICI car insurance policy has gained popularity over past few years for its affordability and reliability.

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9 Responses to "A Glimpse on ICICI Car insurances Policies"

  1. Abhinav Sisodiya says:

    I am looking forward to renew my car insurance policy. Should I switch over to another company or continue with the same?

    • Shashank Sharma says:

      It really depends. Are you happy with the current car insurance policy? What benefits does the company give you on renewal? Speak to a representative and decide on one.

    • Prince Bansal says:

      It is possible to change the company when renewing the plan. To compare prices, get some quotes online and choose one that ensures maximum benefits.

    • Aman Saxena says:

      It is not necessary to switch over to another company each time you renew your policy. This may be a very tedious process. In fact, it is easy to save up to 55% on car insurance policy renewal premium. All you need to do is choose an appropriate plan.

    • Gulbeer Singh says:

      Yes you can switch to any company. If need any assistance mail me your details

  2. Rickey Malhotra says:

    Is it better to buy car insurance online? How would I benefit?

    • Vikram Solanki says:

      It is definitely better to buy car insurance online as it saves you a lot of time, money, and efforts. You don’t need to move out of home just to buy an insurance plan.

    • Kamal Joshi says:

      Most companies offer attractive discounts when buying car insurance online. This is because the customer is directly dealing with the company. This saves on commission which the company has to pay to representatives.

    • Vinay Mishra says:

      I recently bought car insurance online. The process is very easy and saves a lot of time. Totally worth it!

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